Herdade Grande wines are full of character, were they not born in this fantastic region that is Alentejo. Capable of offering intensity and elegance so valued by national and international consumers.

In Vidigueira and, in particular, Herdade Grande, the specificities of the terroir and viticulture harness these exceptional conditions that allow obtaining complex, elegant and very smooth wines.

Whether red or white wines, which are emblematic to Vidigueira, the traces of freshness and minerality thanks to the climate and the schist, poor soils, become elements of distinction.

Joined with other national and international varieties are the iconic local varieties in an experiment of viticulture work which allows the complement of the original and differentiating profile of this unique Alentejo.

Herdade Grande Red

The red wine brand of Herdade Grande ranges from the Selected Harvest to the Reserva and is the interpretation of Alentejo grit conjugated with the characteristic freshness of the terroir.

Herdade Grande White

On the white wine brand of Herdade Grande, the outcome of the characteristics of the climate and soils results in displaying the varieties with highly valued traces of freshness and minerality.

Herdade Grande Rose

Above all is the invitation for an experience of freshness, with a wine of a truly singular, appetising and sweet profile.

Herdade Grande Limited Editions

Here we present the special editions that seek to honour our history and quality of exceptional harvests.

Monte das Talhas Red

It’s the entry-level of our red wine brand. Straightforward and gastronomical, it’s the ideal companion for our day-to-day.

Monte das Talhas Branco

The freshness of Vidigueira, considering that “Monte das Talhas” is the reference to the ancestral Talha wine that’s produced in the region

Herdade Grande Wine and Olive Oil
A Herdade Grande está inserida na Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo, naquela que é considerada uma das melhores regiões de enoturismo do Mundo.
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Herdade Grande Wine and Olive Oil
The Alentejo Wine Route is considered one of the best wine tourism regions in the world, and Herdade Grande is part of it.
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